Volunteering at FOKE

Regardless of where you are, in Kolkata, India, or abroad, you can become a volunteer to assist FOKE

Within Kolkata you can help by:

Visits to the homes and spending time with our members. You might like to just sit and talk, carry out a craft activity, take someone for a short walk ( or push in a wheelchair) around the garden or village, or even bring a DVD to watch with them. Don’t worry about speaking the same language, we’ve found it is no barrier to communication and enjoyment.

Use your skills in some form of therapeutic treatment, from massage to haircutting or even applying nail polish.

Work with the children and teachers of our follow-up schools, at both homes with interactive learning and activities

We run regular evening classes for a few street children in our administrative office. You are welcome to help them with their studies and creative learning.

Assistance with administration, computer work, report writing, field visit, research work on geriatric care or any additional support will be appreciated and welcomed.

MSW ( Masters in Social Work) students from Kolkata or abroad are welcome for placement, provided permission letters, days are specified and students commit to those days.

Share your skills in education, therapy or arts by holding a workshop for our students or staff or teachers.

Outside of Kolkata

Hold some form of fundraising event. You might be able to host a morning or afternoon tea, hold a film night or have a party and ask your guests to make a donation. It’s a good way of telling your friends about the work of FOKE, we can supply photos and case studies of the members of our community.

Make a donation – small or large, every rupee will be valued and put to good use – details of how can be found under the Donate tab

Register your Interest in Volunteering at FOKE Here

Register as a Volunteer

Practical information for those coming from abroad to volunteer at FOKE

We have three locations in Kolkata:

  • Bhalobasha home in Thakapukur 18 Kms from central Kolkata
  • Charunibash home in Madhubati 41 Kms from central Kolkata
  • Administrative office within central Kolkata

All are accessible by public transport. Volunteers are welcome at all three locations.
Your accommodation and travel expenses whilst volunteering will be at your own expense; we are happy to recommend possible hosts in any price and comfort range.
Any assistance or advice from FOKE for the logistics of your stay will be given free of charge or liability and without financial benefit to FOKE.
We can also supply you with practical suggestions of what to bring, wear and expected conditions for your time volunteering with us. It is suggested that you research the normal weather conditions for the time of year that you intend to visit.
Kolkata is a city rich in history and culture, where your free time can be spent exploring its wonders.
'For more information see Kolkata Tourism Website