Our supporters

Since we began our work in 2003 we have been blessed with tremendous support from across the globe as well as from Kolkata. This support has been crucial in enabling us to provide a quality of life to the destitute elderly, and give them back their sense of dignity.

Our work at Madhubati was only made possible by the Late Debrani Mukherjee and her family and the generous donation of their property so that others less fortunate would experience the comfort of a loving home. Mrs Mukherjee took much pride in what was achieved in her home which also had many memories of her youth. We are forever grateful to the Mukherjee family.

We will forever be grateful for the love and trust bestowed on us from the people of Ireland, especially Caherdavern Parish and Calcutta Calling – both based in Co Limerick, Ireland. They played a vital role in helping us to our dreams into reality at the most appropriate time. The congregation of Caherdaven Parish, lead by Fr Richard Davern, showered their tremendous generosity on FOKE, allowing us to grow to where we are today.

The dreams to care for the elderly were fulfilled because of the unconditional support received from:
Friends of Calcutta – Ireland
FOKE Support – Ireland
Calcutta Calling – Ireland
Another Pair of Hands– Ireland
St. Flannan’s College– Ireland
Calcutta Connect – Ireland
The Loreto Community in Kolkata for their initial legal support and moral support.
Calcutta Rescue Kolkata for their advice and guidance

We are indebted to all who are still continuing their support to carry on with the daily running of the homes and related works.
Calcutta Calling – Ireland
Belvedere College– Ireland
Mongoose and Cobra – Australia
Sean Garvey Family and Friends – Ireland
Maura Allen & family – Ireland
Adrienne Millar and her school Pobalscoil Neasain – Ireland
Liam Ashe, Fr. Sean Sexton, Majella Curtin and Vincent Jones – Ireland
Kerry Luxton and Friends– Australia
Waverly College – Australia
Rajesh Buxani – Kolkata
Rajesh Shah – Kolkata, for required medicines

Concern India Kolkata’s support over the last 3 years ( till March 2016) for the running of the school in Madhubati ( Charunibash) is greatly appreciated as it has enabled us to press forward with implementing future plans in other aspects of our work.

There are several important individual donors and well-wishers in Kolkata and abroad whose contribution is very much appreciated. Though they are not named here, we are privileged to have their confidence and support. It is with your support that we strive to make each day a better day for all those we serve.

Our management and staff are forever conscious of the many challenges that confront them on a daily basis. However, seeing their efforts transform the lives of the destitute elderly, which is our priority, is its own reward.

Thank You!