Updates and News


Rest In Peace Momota: We miss you and your constant urge for sweets, toffees, cakes and what not! Momota was our greatest miracles as since 11.05.06 we thought that the next day will be her last day! 11 years of survival was a challenge for her as well as for us! Momota will live long in our memory and in many hearts ... Keep guiding us....

Happy Durga Puja !!! The Durga puja celebration in both homes is a must and we look forward to the day of outing with the ladies in their best attire and form! In Bhalobasha for the first time this year we didn't get the auto rickshaws , instead we made two trips in our medical van with all our 10 ladies and staff to the nearest two puja pandals spending quality time just enjoying the lights, decorations, people, along with the treat of ice cream and puchkas. For members of Charunibash we had 7 autos and we visited about 6 pandals. It was so much fun and we had great team to help the members enjoy each site. We are very grateful to 'With U Foundation" for sponsoring the lunch and the cost of the autos.

Rakhi was celebrated with great enthusiasm in both homes, where the children made their own Rakhi's this time. Adrienne and her son Aaron was also present for this celebration in Charunibash home.

On 28th June 2017 we welcomed a new member Suprova Mishra who was referred to us by the locals in Thakurpukur. Suprova is a widow and had lost her 21 years old son in a accident. The locals looked after her for several years but on a permanent basis there was none to take her responsibility as she is getting old and feeble. Her medical treatment has started and she is settled in Bhalobasha.

Musical Entertainment : on 24th March 2017 The Classical Guitar Group entertained all with songs and music in Bhalobasha. The children also danced while the artists sang and it was so enjoyable. Thanks to Veda Agarwal for her lovely thought to arrange such an entertaining programme for members, children and staff. It made their day!

Manju Banerjee and Sikha Roy were admitted at the Vidyasagar State General Hospital but sadly no one ever came to discharge and take them home. For years they were kept isolated in a 'septic ward' with no visitors or care. With our intervention both Sikha and Manju are now residents of Bhalobasha since 31st March 2017.

On 8th February 2017, the Annual Staff Appreciation Day was organised at Aqua-Retreat - a beautiful spot on the river bank of Falta. Everyone was relaxed and enjoyed with games, prizes, lovely food and lots of fun! Each staff member received a gift of appreciation as well. A farewell was arranged for Janaki Jana and Raghavendra Majumder for their committed service to FOKE for years!

We celebraterd Mother Day and also celebrated Kirons birthday on 15th May . Hashikhusi returned home after cataract operation