donate to foke

You can make a difference

No matter how large or small, your donation will make a significant difference to the people in our care.

• Rs.700 will buy a gas cylinder for cooking
• Rs.1500 will pay for 50kgs of rice which supplies the needs of one home
• Rs.4000 will buy 40 litres of cooking oil and
• Rs.25000 will buy the vegetables and groceries for the entire month for one home.

Most administration tasks are performed on a voluntary basis, so each donation goes directly to where it is most needed and is not absorbed by administration costs.

We are particularly in need of:
• Medical supplies
• Food Items
• Toiletries and hygiene products
 • Maintenance on the homes costs

If you would like to help us by supplying some of the goods we need, please call our office.

how to donate


Donations can be made by cheque or direct deposit to our bank account. Donations from within India should be made to our domestic account and from overseas to the FCRA account.


Donations in kind can be delivered to the office or homes, but why not accompany them yourself? We will introduce you to our members, provide a lunch or snack and send you away feeling happy with being in the embrace of FOKE.​

In memory, honour & tribute donations

When making a donation you can opt have us acknowledge your contribution in the name of someone special. Let us know by email or phone and we will mention it in our next Newsletter and website news.

Please remember, every donation is accepted with gratitude and your kindness is never forgotten.