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Situated in the idyllic country village of Madhubati [14 miles from Diamond Harbour] Charu Nibas leaves a lasting impression on all who visit this oasis of peace and tranquility.
Totally in keeping with the daily miracles which so regularly occur when one is working with trying to restore the dignity of the destitute elderly so also was it a miracle when FOKE acquired ‘Charu Nibash’. Initially an Ashram which had been entrusted to an NGO, who through limited funds had insufficient funds to maintain the property, the NGO ‘co-incidentally’ contacted us in the hope that the property might be ideal for FOKE. Our hearts raced an extra beat the moment we saw it as it was the perfect location to expand our work.

Debrani Mukherjee Owner & donor of Charunibash

After lengthy discussions with The Mukerjee Family [it is their ancestral home] a long term agreement was signed and work began immediately in 2005 to completely overhaul the entire building so as to turn it into a home for 12 of our members.
‘Charu Nibash’ means ‘Charus home. Charubala was in fact Mrs Debrani Mukerjees mother in law and she began her married life there. It was the only request that the Mukerjee Family made of FOKE that the work would be dedicated to Charus’ memory and it was an honour for us to agree. In 2012 a further 15 years extension to the lease was granted and we will forever be indebted for the tremendous generosity and trust this wonderful family has placed in us. We hope that over the coming years The Mukerjee Family will continue to be proud of our efforts which reach out to so many people in the village through our Self Help Group and School located in the grounds of Charu Nibas as well as savoring the reality that the property is the perfect place to continue our quest to infuse life back into the lives of our elderly members.

dadur bari

Grandfather's Home

In keeping with our goal to reach out to all sectors of the destitute elderly community we long held the dream of having a home specifically dedicated to the care of elderly men.
Possibly the most forgotten of all in 2009 we began our work for these men by placing them in the care of a paid home. While it was a start, our dream persisted to one day directly incorporate destitute elderly men into our work and on July 4th 2012 with full blessing from The Mukerjee Family we began building ‘ Dadur Bari’ [Grandfathers Home] as a separate annex to Charu Nibash.