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Birthday Celebration

On 21st October The Councillor- Mrs Shefali Pramanik of Thakurpukur celebrated her son's birthday in Bhalobasha. A major cooking was carried out on the new terrace of Bhalobasha and many children from the community were invited for the lunch and celebration. The members were well fed with both fish and mutton and offcourse there was a huge cake ! It was so enjoyable and the members really loved the day!


15th August 2017 - Birthday Celebration

Dr. Niraj Jain celebrated his birthday with a huge cake and gifts of bed sheets, pillow covers, fruits , sweets for all the members . Along with the flag hoisting in celebration of Independence Day , this was the added joy sharing! The students, staff and members were made to feel extra special with such gesture! Thank you Dr. Jain and Mrs. Jain, for making the day so memorable. May you continue to celebrate many more birthdays.


Visit by' Melbondhan' group

On 29th August, Rina Deb and friends of Melbondhan group visited Bhalobasha and were very generous with their gifts of two mattresses and diapers for the members. Fruits and cookies were special treat with the evening tea. All enjoyed their visit and they too had a lovely time interacting with the members and staff. Thanks to Rina di for encouraging all and supporting our cause.


Thanks Giving

A local couple with their only son arranged for a wonderful High Tea with cakes, snacks and goodies for all our members in Bhalobasha. Their child survived an accident and by visiting Bhalobasha and spending time with the ladies they expressed their gratitude. We too appreciate their wonderful gesture!


Birthday Celebration

On 9th July, Alma a local child celebrated her 14th birthday with our members in Bhalobasha. Special breakfast were served to all and she received much blessings from all. Thanks to the family for being so considerate.


Birthday Celebration

On 9th July, Alma a local child celebrated her 14th birthday with our members in Bhalobasha. Special breakfast were served to all and she received much blessings from all. Thanks to the family for being so considerate.


Fundraising lunch in Sydney

Last Monday, June 12, at lunchtime a fundraising lunch was held to benefit FOKE. The generous hosts were Paul and Lenore Robertson who invited their neighbours in to hear about the work of FOKE and and to experience a Bengali meal (albeit a foreigners' version). It was a sunny day and guests could see the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the distance, so all in all a very pleasant day was enjoyed. I'm sorry to say that I forgot to take photos, I'll try to remember next time. So you will just have to use your imagination. Kerry Luxton


Memory Donation

On 13.04.17, Mr. Rabi Dhara, Accountant- Hope Foundation Hospital, in memory of his beloved mother served lunch and sweets to all members and staff in Bhalobasha. It was a very special occassion and we thank Mr. Rabi and his family for their kind gesture.


Celebration of Marriage Anniversary in Bhalobasha

A couple from the local community of Bhalobasha Celebrated their Marriage Anniversary with all ladies on 28th of April, 2017.


Bijoya Sommiloni by Hat Baralei Bondhu

It was a great pleasure to welcome the 'Hat Baralei Bondhu' group to Charunibash ( Madhubati). There were nearly 40 friends present, all connected through Facebook with the aim to carry out some social responsibility. They chose Charunibash to celebrate Bijoya, and were very generous with their gifts of rations, individual gifts and above all a lavish lunch comprising both chicken and fish for all. The day was filled with so much laughter, joy, dance, songs and ended with Diwali crackers! Thank you Hat Baralei Bondhu for your very kind gesture and your assurance of future support!


Celebration of MAHALAYA- 18th September 2017

It was the best Mahalaya celebration we witnessed this year. Thanks to the initiative of the local ladies group ( of 20) who arranged the entire shopping, cooking and serving of a lavish lunch in Bhalobasha. There were excess to share with Charunibash home too. The group also gifted each members with bed sheets, towels, snacks, horlicks and cleansing items. Thanks to each one present and for making it so very special for the members and the staff.


Birthday Celebration

We were once again very happy to welcome MuktoDhara group on 22nd July in Bhalobasha. Papiya Das and her husband celebrated their son and daughters birthday with us. Both children contributed towards a wheel chair and 4 walking sticks for the homes. There were sweets, fruits, health drink, biscuit packs and a big cake to celebrate their birthday with much fun. The students in Balobasha were not left out ...Thanks to their wonderful gesture.


SUAS -groups visit.

SUAS - an Irish volunteers group of 12 visited Bhalobasha on 12th July to spend the evening with the children and members. They had lovely craft work and entertained all with Irish songs. Thank you for taking out time to visit us.


In Loving memory of Gaytri Dasgupta

Rinku Dasgupta - ex- Loreto Sealdah student and her husband Santanu Dasgupta visited Bhalobasha on 27.06.17. They generously donated clothes for all the members and necessary grocery items for the home in memory of their beloved grandmother Late Gaytri Dasgupta. Thank you Rinku and Santanu.


Fundraising initiative by A School in Dublin.

Pobalscoil Neasain School - is a community school in North Dublin, Ireland. We have 740 students from age 12-19, a teaching staff of 60 and 6 Special Need Assistants. Over the last couple of years Adrienne has been involved in FOKE and has been telling staff and students of the work being done to support the village children who are provided with learning support in your homes. This year our school wanted to deepen the link with you. We held a day of "non uniform" to raise funds to assist funding teachers in your schools and to create a greater awareness among our students of the fantastic work done by FOKE. Over the next years we would like to continue to support your work and to deepen our links with you all. Best wishes from the staff and student of PSN Mr. McKenna School Principal


Memory Donation

Mr Madhujeet Roy & Mrs. Ratna Bagchi remembers their beloved mothers each year by way of sponsoring the lunches in both homes. We are locally receiving such requests to provide lunches & gifts for members as a loving wat to celebrate birthdays, marriage anniversary & festivals